“Dr. Spease is an engaged, active and knowledgeable psychotherapist…how this translates in the room with her clients is a style that balances warmth with strength, empathy with directed insight.”

-Dr. Barbra J. Payne, Psychologist

“Mary is an empathic, skilled therapist who would be an ideal choice for both individuals and couples…seeking psychotherapy. I urge you to meet with Mary and utilize her experience for personal growth.”

-Dr. Chris Emerson, Clinical Psychologist

“Mary is a highly talented therapist with several gifts. Her ability to empathize helps others feel understood. Her intelligence allows Mary to make treatment decisions. Mary’s strong presence as a therapist tells people that they have made a good decision in seeking Mary’s council.”

-Dr. Josh Cornell, Psychologist

“Dr. Mary Spease is an empathic, intelligent, warm and highly insightful therapist. She brings a skilled and dynamic approach to her work and specializes in working with couples and those dealing with codependency and relationship issues and addiction. I highly recommend her for those seeking a transformative therapeutic experience.”

-Dr. Georgina Smith, Psychologist

“I have known Dr. Spease both personally and professionally for several years. It is a true pleasure to recommend her to anyone seeking an enriching experience in psychotherapy. She is warm, genuine, engaging, knowledgeable, patient, empathic and understanding. Dr. Spease is an expert in the field of couples therapy and addiction.”

-Dr. Mariya Kholodova, Psychologist

“I have known Dr. Mary Spease professionally for many years, working closely with her at an in-patient residential facility for substance abuse and in private practice. Her dedication, empathy for her patient(s), and drive to educate and inspire others sets her above any other recommendation or referral. If you are looking for a therapist who will meet you where you are in any area of life and need a helping hand, she is the perfect candidate who will guide you through your journey and transform your beliefs throughout the therapeutic process.”

-Kelly Ahearn, Therapist

“I had the privilege of working alongside Dr. Spease in an outpatient clinic, which not only allowed me to get to know her as a intelligent and kind-hearted person and colleague, but also as a consummate professional who embodies what I consider to be the essential characteristics of an effective therapist: caring, compassionate, and extremely competent.”

-Dr. Cheryl LaSasso, Psychologist

“Dr. Spease is an excellent Psychologist. She gains trust from clients very well and is quick at establishing rapport. She specializes with codependency, addiction and couples. You would not go wrong by seeing her for therapy.”

-Dr. Heather Gaedt, Psychologist

“Thank you for all your time, patience, and thoughtful observations. Every session we leave your office impressed with your clarity and perspective.”

-JW & DW

“Thank you for getting me through such a difficult time in my life. I’m so grateful for the work that you do. Matters of the heart have a value beyond measure and your sincerity, honesty, and efforts in trying to understand helped me gain clarity that I never dreamed to be possible and helped me know a braver side of myself…I aspire to help another the way you helped me one day.”


“You are the best. Thought you should know that! Just feeling very grateful for you. So thank you.”


“This has been a hard year but after seeing you I feel more at peace and equipped to handle life’s challenges. Like you said, I never wish to go through this again, but I’m glad I did and found you to help me through it all.”


“I am very thankful to be able to meet with you! In just the past 2 sessions and short phone calls, I have already felt confident in this healing process.”