In Therapy

This past Thursday I was able to spend some time with a truly wonderful woman who also happens to be a very gifted therapist. Dr. Rochelle Perper is the owner and primary psychologist of Therapy Changes in Point Loma and offers a variety of services including child/adolescent, individual, couples, and family therapy.  She has diligently established this successful practice along with a team of therapists who provide support to those who need “focused guidance when you need it the most”.

Dr. Perper exudes warmth, compassion, and kindness and is unwavering in her commitment to helping others.  She has a gift in being able to instantly create a sense of comfort and safety with those she meets and works with.  If you are looking for support in the Point Loma area and would like to utilize your insurance, I highly recommend Dr. Perper. For more information regarding her practice, please view her website:

Therapy Changes