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I believe therapy can be an invigorating, challenging, and illuminating experience in which you have the chance to learn more about yourself and your approach and perspective on life. It is a gift to allow yourself the space to recognize the truths about who you are while breaking free from negative behavior, destructive relationships, unhealthy coping, and/or distorted internal messages. I view those I’m blessed to walk alongside through a lens of strength, where there is always hope and the opportunity for transformation.

Common life dilemmas or heartbreaking experiences can help you foster a stronger capacity for personal understanding and growth as well as develop greater wisdom within your relationships. My goal is to create a safe place where you can enhance self-awareness and your ability to listen to and honor your intuition, build upon individual strengths, and create authentic connections. You are worth experiencing healthier, more fulfilling ways of life and finding joy in deeper and more intimate relationships. Together, we can ‘Speak Life’ into the truths of who you are and the relationships you hold most dear or desire to create.


I am a licensed clinical psychologist (PSY24780) and received my doctorate degree from The California School of Professional Psychology/Alliant International University, an APA accredited program renown for clinical training. I am passionate about working with individual adults and couples navigating important relationships as well as those impacted by trauma and/or addiction.

Dr Mary Spease Speak Life Counseling


Dr. Mary Spease specializes in individual adult and couples therapy with a clinical focus on relational concerns, codependency, boundaries, betrayal trauma, adult children and partners of addicts/alcoholics, and addiction & recovery. I use therapy that integrates differentiation-based/attachment theories, EMDR, faith-based approaches, and 12-step philosophies. I understand varying levels of clinical care and the array of needs unique to each client as I have experience with school-based settings (Cal State Long Beach and UCSD), outpatient facilities, partial hospitalization programs, and residential treatment centers. Prior to relocating to San Diego, I maintained a private practice in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills and for a period of time, served as a primary therapist and Program Director of a residential program. While being in San Diego, I have worked with notable group practices and was the Clinical Director of an Addiction/Sober Living program. Currently, my time is fully dedicated to my private practice in San Diego, where I am passionate about my work. I hope that we might meet and have the opportunity to “speak life” into your world!


2012: California State Psychology License, PSY24780


2009: Doctorate, Clinical Psychology (Alliant International University-CSPP, Los Angeles, CA)
2006: Master of Arts, Clinical Psychology (Alliant International University-CSPP, Los Angeles, CA)
2000: Bachelor of Arts, Psychology (San Diego State University, San Diego, CA)


2014- Present: Center for Healthy Change (Del Mar, CA)
2014-Present: San Diego Student Recovery (La Jolla, CA)
2013-Present: Change with Direction (La Jolla, CA)
2013-Present: Private Practice (La Jolla, CA)
2013-2014: UCSD Counseling and Psychological Services (La Jolla, CA)
2012-2013: Casa Palmera Care Center (Del Mar, CA)
2008-2012: Private Practice (Beverly Hills, CA)
2009-2010: Center for Discovery & Adolescent Change (Whittier & La Habra, CA)

2008-2009: WISE & Healthy Aging (Santa Monica, CA)
2007-2009: Private Practice (Santa Monica, CA)
2007-2008: Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic (Los Angeles, CA)
2006-2007: Family Service of Long Beach (Long Beach, CA)
2005-2006: Santa Anita Family Service (Covina, CA)
2002-2004: East Corner Clubhouse Mental Health Care (El Cajon, CA)
2001-2002: Center for the Blind (San Diego, CA)


American Psychological Association


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Family Service of Long Beach 2007
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Presented “Jealousy: The Manifestation and Impact in Romantic Relationships”.

“Mary is an empathic, skilled therapist who would be an ideal choice for both individuals and couples…seeking psychotherapy. I urge you to meet with Mary and utilize her experience for personal growth.”

-Chris Emerson, Psychologist