In Therapy

Today I said goodbye to my time at the University of California San Diego. I have been fortunate enough to serve as a contract psychologist at their CAPS (Counseling & Psychological Services) program for over a year and it has been beyond wonderful.

I have truly enjoyed working with undergraduate and graduate students and have found that they are some of the most motivated and hard working individuals I have had the honor to work with. I have had the privilege to share in a very unique chapter in their lives and had the joy of witnessing their growth. It has been a gift to be able to provide support, help them gain insight into themselves, their relationships , and their academic/career pursuits.

So many of those that I was able to work with were beautiful reminders of why I chose to become a psychologist and I am ever grateful for such an experience. And it has been humbling and quite moving to hear them share their experience in therapy with me and the ways in which I have helped create change in their lives. It is surreal to know that I have made a difference and I hope that I can continue to do so.

University of California, San Diego: CAPS